Predator-Drone-300x261Rent a drone by the hour, day or year — on any continent. Drones are in the air right now waiting for your project.

A drone is a remotely operated aircraft or an unmanned aerial vehicle, often used in combat. Rent-a-Drone brings the technology to people outside the military and the CIA, and can be used to thwart ops by those parties. 

These are large, aircraft-sized drones, not toy models sold at electronics stores or offered by photography and video companies. Our drones can reach remote areas quickly.

No fly zone. No problem! We are in Ferguson, Missouri, stopping looters. We are in Ukraine. We are in Michoacán, Mexico, battling the Knights Templar Drug Cartel – a pro-bono mission (thank you Kickstarter contributors).

Special: Two Hellfire missiles for the price of one. First time customers only.

In operation since 2009. Coming soon: Whisper-quiet stealth drones

Many Uses

  • Guard a business from looting
  • Back you up in a fight (with added munitions)
  • Attack a corrupt dictatorship
  • Recon before or during your covert op

  • Obstruct para-military drones used for private benefit
  • Stop poachers in animal sanctuaries
  • Monitor crops deemed “illegal”
  • Deter an enemy

Full Control or Auto Follow

Choose to have Full Control or set to Auto Follow and check the results at your convenience.

Full Control
Auto Follow

Facial Recognition

How Facial Recognition WorksWith our proprietary facial recognition software, you can upload photos of individuals, and the software will flag video frames with those individuals–saving hours of time by avoiding the need to watch the videos for significant events. No other drone rental company provides this feature!

Recent Drone Locations

Drones are in the air right now! We can’t disclose their exact locations. Here are some recent spots to which customers sent our drones.

Drone Locations

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Drone Alpha: 47.497912, 19.040235
Drone Lima: 8.460555, -11.779889
Drone Eagles: 38.744218, -90.305391
Drone Ommm: 26.902477, 58.710938
Drone Vigilante: 19.566519, -101.706829


Rent a Drone saved me time and money.

The Rent a Drone support team answered all my questions.


Our prices are listed in gold ounces, but we also accept the equivalent value in national currencies. Simply check the price of gold in your region to calculate the price in your local currency.

Hour:   1/10 Ounce of Gold
Day:   1/2 Ounce of Gold
Week:   2.5 Ounces of Gold

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What could be simpler? The days of hiring a private investigator or following somone yourself will be behind you. By renting a drone, you can surveil any thing or person at any time from the comfort of your home. You’ll save gas and your time.

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